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Effective Collaboration – Critical but Not Easy!

- Published in 11 October, 2016
Quote - start Collaboration is certainly a hot topic in the market, media and literature at the moment. A recent Forbes article concluded: “The fact is there is nothing more important to leadership and organizational success than collaboration. It exponentially increases the odds of amazing things happening”. And there are many examples out there that support this. In an IBM study of 765 CEOs 75% said that collaboration is very important to their innovation efforts, but only half felt that they practiced collaboration to a large extent. A recent Harvard Business Review article cited a global law firm that collaborated effectively internally instead of working in “product” silos and their revenues increased by over 4x as a result of selling integrated services.
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CONCHIUS brings Radical Collaboration to China

- Published 27 May, 2016

In the fast moving and complex business environment of today, collaboration skills have never been more important for organizational and individual success. We constantly hear feedback about the negative business impact of “silos”and cross department blockages.

The Radical Collaboration program shows you how-to create trusting, collaborative relationships with others. Learn how to effectively collaborate with colleagues and team members. Available in both Chinese or English.

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Development SolutionsCONCHIUS have certification coaching program for professional full-time executive coaches and certification program tailored for managers and leaders that need to coach in their day-to-day work. We specialize to help and train companies create an internal corporate coaching culture.

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CONCHIUS create leaders in each position. We have Corporate Master Trainer programs for professional trainers and soft skill training programs to align and create performance on all levels. CONCHIUS training programs are developed to be the best available for multinational companies operating in China.

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Assessment SolutionsTo create results that drive your company towards set goals is impossible without knowing what to measure and how. CONCHIUS has assessment tools for Talent management, Recruitment and as support for Managers in regards for effective People Management, Employee Development and as KPI-monitoring dashboards.

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Judge Jim Tamm - TED Talk on Collaboration

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